More About Courtney

Courtney HarterProfessional Golfer & Model

Why did you choose this business?

My father introduced me to the game of golf at a very young age. At first golf started as a way to spend time with my father, but quickly grew into a passion and love that I knew I would hold on to for the rest of my life.  At age 10, I started competing locally, and then moved on to regional and national events. Not only did I realize my love of the game of golf but I also loved the competition, traveling, and the process of preparing and training for each event. The game of golf helped give me purpose and focus through my adolescence, and taught me valuable and important life lessons that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I loved how the game challenges me mentally, emotionally, and physically. For me, golf can be harder the better I become because my expectations grow along with my game.

I was also drawn to the game because I did not need anyone else in order to play or practice; the game of golf can be a very social game or solitary one, just you against the course.  Because of these reasons I knew at a very early age that I was hooked and wanted to golf professionally.

Company focus?

My goal is to learn and improve each day and to become an elite competitor  on the LPGA and Ladies European Tour.  My ambition is not only for myself, but to give back to this game that I love, by paying forward the opportunities that I have had through mentoring and supporting the groups and people who have enabled me to do what I do.

What sets you apart from the other competition?

I believe it is my passion and desire to learn and grow as an athlete and a person.  I will never be satisfied, there is always room for improvement.

5-10 year business goals

To be recognized globally as one of the faces of Women’s professional golf;

To have my brand, “Play Harter’ fully developed and recognized globally;  and

My foundation “Build U” making a difference in young people lives, by giving them support to believe in themselves so they can take and build their interests into their passions.

Associations and community affiliations

The Greater Tampa Junior Golf Association is an incredible nonprofit organization providing juniors, ages 6 through 18, an opportunity to play golf competitively and to gain tournament experience.  The GTJGA gave me a place to learn about the game of golf and myself.  This association not only offers opportunity for competition and scholarship, but also teaches kids values and life lessons that they will take with them to the real world.  This organization holds a special place in my heart because it is where I got my start.  Through its 35 plus years of existence, there have been  many members of the GTJGA who have either gone on to play professionally or who have earned college scholarships.  My father has served on the GTJGA’s Board of Directors for over 10 years, including serving as its President from 2006 to 2010.  It is very important to us that the GTJGA continues serving the youth of Tampa Bay and to remain a valuable part of our community.

I am in the process of developing a foundation called “BUILD U”. Everybody has their own set of challenges, difficult times, or moments when they do not know what to do. Whenever I went through difficult times or challenging periods in my life, my parents’ advice to me was always to look within and Build U. Build U was their way of guiding me to focus on my strengths rather than my failures by focusing on building my interests. However, I realized that a lot of kids don’t have that type of support and guidance, so I believe that through mentoring I could help others identify their interests, find their passion, grow their lives, and to ignore those who say they cannot succeed.  I believe passion brings confidence, independence, strength, and happiness.  Many people get lost or lack direction because they stop growing and building themselves and instead look to others to provide their happiness.

I want to start my mentoring here in the Tampa Bay Area, but I realize this is something I can share wherever my travels take me.  My plan is to go to local schools and speak to students about finding their passion and explaining the principles of BUILD U.

Most memorable or interesting work related experience.

1)     When I made my first hole in one on the 15th hole at the 2009 NCAA Women’s National Championship at Caves Valley;

2)     When I made the 12 foot putt to win a playoff to get into my first LPGA event at the LPGA Shoprite Classic in 2012;

3)     Qualifying for the US Women’s Amateur National Championship at age of 15, my first National USGA event,

4)     My travels to fascinating and interesting places both within the United States and Internationally

Favorite part of owning the business

First I get to do something that I love to do; I like the control of being my own boss because of the accountability and simplicity of it.  I am dependent on myself if I screw up or if I have a bad day, the only person to fault is myself;  I like being able to surround myself with people who are special to me, my coaches, family, support group, sponsors.  These people know me, love me, and are invested in me and my success.

Family life and hobbies.

Family has always played a huge part in my life. We are extremely close and spend and great deal of time together. When I am not golfing I’m attending sporting events, I am big Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning and Buccaneers fan. I love the Arts I have my younger sister to thank for bringing that into my life.  She is a Musical Theatre major at Emerson College in Boston, MA.  I am so proud of how talented and disciplined she is and I enjoy watching her perform every chance I get.  Although what we do is so very different I think it helps keep us both balanced.  We are constantly learning from one another.

I also enjoy cooking, working out, Hot Yoga and reading.

3 words that best describe you and your business.

- Passionate, Strong, Hard Working

Who do you owe your success to

 So many people have played a part in my success.  No one does this alone, it takes a team.  I have had the support of coaches, teachers, family, and friends along the way.  I am also thankful for the Companies and individuals who sponsor me and provide financial support.  It takes a lot of people to back you and believe in you to play at this level.  I probably owe the most to my parents who have always challenged me to be my best, held me accountable through the good and bad, and taught me how to believe in myself.  They are incredible role models, and they are the hardest working and most selfless people I know.